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Bluebury South & West

      Originally Blackhorse Village, the fictional layout was based on what happend to many small villages here in the UK.  It was a village for mine workers who worked at the nearby coal mine just outside the tiny Hamlet of Muffin. The higher ranks of the coal mine lived in the Hamlet until the decline of the industry. Some moved on while others sought different jobs. A brickworks and forestry sprung up and employed many of the miners. During the war a small military airport was built and the village housed a lot of the service men. After the war the airport became little used and eventually allowed a limited number of civilian aircraft to use it. The airport is now shared between civilian, commercial aircraft and military cadet traing, the Air Ambulance Service is also based here.

       The city of Bluebury started to expand and Blackhorse village was being swolloweed up by the ever spreading construction. Bluebury West was now the name used for Blackhorse village. It was expanding with a timber yard, scrap yard and builders depot. The area also had new police, fire and hospital facilities, a leisure centre and shopping complex. Mean while high rise construction continued to expand.

      Bluebury South is one of the main stations and has the post office depot along side with the MOW depot opposite. Between the station and MOW depot is the small steam preservation yard which house all the steam trains and rolling stock of the period. S short walk up the road and you will find the Bluebury Narrow Gauge Railway. It was formely used from the small dock to the naval Warehouses and is now used for tourists to the mountains (not in this layout). It is still used by the navy to take supplies from the warehouse to the naval port on the other side of the river. The river was used as the entrance via a lock to the naval port, but this became to narrow so two new locks where built and an inner port to take the extra ships that would use it. The old commercial port became redundant as the little trade there was used the old dock and seaport. The lock became clogged up for lack of use and eventually they linked the old port to the inner port.


The layout allows passenger and freight trains  to operate from the main north/south electrified line into the south station. Non electric trains are required for the freight lines around Bluebury West and the lines to the port. Lorries deliver building materials to the building site and buses take you around the streets to the various locations. NG trains operate around the naval port and across the river to the warehose and dock. Pleasure boats and ships use the river and naval port while helicopters and planes us the airport flying over the layout. The layout is littered with animated people by

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